Abstract Factory – Object Creational


Provide an iterface for creating families of related or dependent objects without specifying their concreate classes.

Also Known As



Use the Abstract Factory pattern when,

  1. a System should be independent og how its products are created, composed and represented.
  2. a System should be configured with one of multiple families of products
  3. a family of related product objects is designed to be used together and you need to enforce this constaint.
  4. you want to provide a class library of products and you want to reveal just their interface not their implementation.


Abstract factory structure
Abstract factory structure



  • AbstractFactory (WidgetFactory)
    • Declares an interface for operations that create abstract product objects.
  • ConcreateFactory (MotifWidgetFactory, PMWidgetFactory)
    • Implements the operations to create concrete product objects.
  • AbstractProduct (Window, ScrollBar)
    • Declares an interface for a type of product object
  • ConcreteProduct (MotifWindow, MotifScrollBar)
    • Defines a prouct object to be craeted by corresponding concrete factory.
    • Implemets the AbstractProduct interface
  • Client
    • Uses only interface declared by AbstractFactory and AbstractProduct classes



  • Normally a single instance of ConcreteFactory class is created at run-time. This concrete factory creates product objects having a particular implementation. To create different product objects, client should use a different concrete factory.
  • AbstractFactory defers creation of product objects to its ConcreteFactory subclass.


The Abstract Factory pattern has the following benifits and liabilities:

  1. It isolate concrete classes.
  2. It makes exchanging product families easy.
  3. It promotes consistency among products.
  4. Supporting new kinds of product is difficult.

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